10NC8 Presentation for Aug 7 DUSHOM ND Call v1 - Redacted.pdf704 KCLCW Training Agenda - Redacted.xlsx18 KRenal Cancer v1 - Reviewed.docx50 KSuspense COB Thursday 15 October Report to SecVA on Camp Lejeune ATSDR Report and Possible Presumptions_Redacted.pdf115 K
Agenda with Detail - Reviewed.pdf83 KCLCW Training Agenda - Reviewed.xlsx17 KRequest for SMEs - Redacted.pdf145 KSVAC Hearing Sept 2015 v2 - Reviewed.docx19 K
Bladder Cancer v1 - Reviewed.docx57 KCLCW Training Agenda Dec 2014 - Redacted.xlsx19 KRequest for SMEs v2_Redacted.pdf145 KThyroid Cancer v1 - Reviewed.docx31 K
Camp Lejeune Fact Sheet - Reviewed.pdf60 KCLCW Training Agenda March 2015 - Redacted.xlsx19 KResponsiev Records 19 - 3_Redacted.pdf468 KToxicologic Consequences of the Major Contaminants - Reviewed.pptx1,594 K
Camp Lejeune Virtual Clinic Final_Redacted.pdf3,657 KFOIA 19 ALL CLCW SME Communications Emails_Redacted.pdf3,661 KResponsive Email 8-9_Redacted.pdf60 KWar Room 101014 - Reviewed.pptx79 K
Camp Lejeune VISN SME Request Memos - Redacted.pdf2,150 KForensic Medicine Lecture - Reviewed.ppt674 KResponsive Emails 1 7_Redacted.pdf4,058 KWeekly Status 062614 - Reviewed.pptx67 K
Causation Analysis - Reviewed.ppt533 KGeneric v1 - Reviewed.docx28 KResponsive Records 1 19_Redacted.pdf2,784 KWeekly Status 071014 - Reviewed.pptx66 K
Channel 6 Orlando Request - Reviewed.docx14 KHistory of Camp Lejeune - Reviewed.pptx4,515 KResponsive Records 19 -2_Redacted.pdf2,724 KWeekly Status 071714 - Reviewed.pptx67 K
CLCW - VBA Submission guidelines_Redacted.pdf122 KHuff Post Response 0715 v2 - Reviewed.docx17 KResponsive Records 19_Redacted.pdf5,644 KWeekly Status 07214 - Reviewed.pptx67 K
CLCW 040214 - Reviewed.pptx93 KLung Cancer v1 - Reviewed.docx52 KResponsive Records 2 19_Redacted.pdf3,188 KWeekly Status 072914 - Reviewed.pptx72 K
CLCW 041014 - Reviewed.pptx69 KMark FW_ CLCW Rating Issues_Redacted.pdf29 KResponsive Records 6_Redacted.pdf54 KWeekly Status 082814 - Reviewed.pptx68 K
CLCW 041714 - Reviewed.pptx68 KOPH review of ATSD Mortality study_Redacted.pdf32 KRevised Camp Lejeune Fact Sheet 2 - Reviewed.pdf63 KWeekly Status 091814 - Reviewed.pptx71 K
CLCW Guidance - Effective 10-2-2015 - Reviewed.pdf28 KParkinson References case control studies - Reviewed.docx16 KSample Abstracts - Reviewed.pdf682 KWeekly Status 103014 - Reviewed.pptx71 K
CLCW health care law - Reviewed.pptx2,589 KParkinsons references case control studies - Reviewed.docx16 KSample References - Reviewed.docx40 KWeekly Status 110714 - Reviewed.pptx70 K
CLCW Overview - Reviewed.pdf23 KProgram Accomplishments FY14 - Redacted.pptx78 Kstatement regarding neurobehavioral claims_Redacted.pdf50 KWhite Paper CLCW Kidney Renal Conditions v4_Redacted.pdf93 K
CLCW Status Report Mar15 - Reviewed.pdf370 KProstate Cancer v1 - Reviewed.docx51 KStatus of Camp Lejeune 091913 - Redacted.pptx73 KYale-FOIA-1.html19 K
CLCW Talking Points 050715 - Reviewed.pptx69 K
1 FW Updated CLCW Guidance_Redacted.pdf363 KCLCW_generic.jpg173 KFDC and CLCW Clarification_Redacted.pdf16 KRE_ Processing of CLCW claims - clarification_Redacted.pdf42 K
ACDC March 21-22_2016 Meeting Minutes.pdf241 KCLCW_lung_cancer.jpg410 KFinal NotificationIAD_Wishnie.pdf191 KRE_ Processing of CLCW claims - update_Redacted.pdf34 K
ACDC March 21_2016 Meeting Transcript.pdf617 KCLCW_prostate_cancer.jpg416 KFW_ CLCW Guidance and Reminders_Redacted.pdf79 KSecretary Announces CLCW Presumptions_Redacted.pdf39 K
CLCW Guidance and Reminders_Redacted.pdf14 KCLCW_rating_email_page1of2.jpg242 KFW_ CLCW Rating Issues_Redacted.pdf26 KTL10-03.pdf141 K
CLCW Hold Issues - Development Clarification_Redacted.pdf15 KCLCW_rating_email_page2of2.jpg237 KFW_ Processing of CLCW claims - update -2_Redacted.pdf392 KTL11-03.pdf153 K
CLCW Processing_Redacted.pdf15 KCLCW_renal_cancer.jpg357 KFW_ Updated CLCW Processing Guidance -1_Redacted.pdf37 KUpdated CLCW Guidance_Redacted.pdf38 K
CLCW Rating Issues_Redacted.pdf17 KCLCW_thyroid_cancer.jpg375 KInformation on claims sent to Louisville requesting CLCW processing_Redacted.pdf140 KUpdated CLCW Processing Guidance_Redacted.pdf38 K
CLCW_bladder_cancer.jpg419 KFast Letter 11-03, Rescinded_Redacted.pdf47 KProcessing of CLCW claims - update_Redacted.pdf42 K[EXTERNAL] Recap on Call re FOIA Request 16-01992-F .pdf14 K
Burr Updated Data 2012-09-20.pdf51 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(15).pdf925 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(5).pdf643 KResponsive Document 1-7_Redacted Part 1_Redacted.pdf12,699 K
Camp Lejeune medical opinion training.pdf33 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(16).pdf989 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(6).pdf863 KResponsive Document 1-7_Redacted Part 3.pdf27,162 K
CLCW Tracking Plan-Recommendations.pdf336 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(17).pdf789 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(7).pdf940 KResponsive Document 1-7_Redacted_Part 2_1.pdf10,021 K
Documents 1-5 through 1-17 8).pdf678 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(18).pdf916 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(8).pdf655 KResponsive Document 1-7_Redacted_Part 2_2.pdf24,136 K
Documents 1-5 through 1-17(10).pdf483 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(19).pdf722 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(9).pdf945 KResponsive Documents 8-9_Redacted Part 4.pdf10,326 K
Documents 1-5 through 1-17(11).pdf931 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(2).pdf850 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17.pdf760 KRE_ Camp Lejeune Call.pdf50 K
Documents 1-5 through 1-17(12).pdf838 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(20).pdf887 Kdoc_index.xlsx9 KRE_ Louisville_ Camp Lejeune issues Due 9_21.pdf28 K
Documents 1-5 through 1-17(13).pdf403 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(3).pdf749 KFW_ Camp Lejeune Cases.pdf308 KVHA Cover Letter.pdf4,317 K
Documents 1-5 through 1-17(14).pdf912 KDocuments 1-5 through 1-17(4).pdf982 KIAD_Yale Law School June 2017 - FINAL.doc534 K
TFTPTF v. VA SJ Decision.pdf124 K