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ATSDR Funding Receipt

Government motion to dismiss denied

Letter to Admiral Dunne from Thomas Sinks, ATSDR

Letter from Dr. Thomas Sinks, Deputy Director of the ATSDR to the Department of the Navy on 20 October 2009

Drinking Water at Camp Lejeune Work Statement

Military Facing Renewed Pressure on Camp Lejeune Contamination

1985 Confirmation Study

ESE May 1984 Progress Report

ESE June 1984 Progress Report

ESE July 1984 Progress Report

ESE 1999 Warehouse Fire Report

Excerpt Work & Safety Plan


            ATSDR Executive Summary Public Release- 12 Jun 2007
            Tarawa Terrace Executive Summary- 14 Jun 2007



            Preliminary Health Assessment of ABC- 24 Aug 1990
            Preliminary Health Assessment of U.S.M.C. Camp Lejeune-4 Aug 1997
            VOCs in Drinking Water & Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes- Aug 1998
            Preliminary Test and Tracer Study of the Hadnot Point Water-Distribution System Draft Work Plan-1 May 2004
            ATSDR Summary- March 2005
            ATSDR Transcript of Panel, Volume I- 28 March 2005
            ATSDR Transcript of Panel, Volume II- 29 March 2005
            Use of Continuous Recording Water-Quality Monitoring Equipment for Conducting Water-Distribution System Tracer Tests: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by M.L. Maslia, et al.
            Field Testing of Water-Distribution Systems at U.S.M.C. Base Camp Lejeune in 
            Support of an Epidemiologic Study by J.B. Sautner, M.L. Maslia et al.



            Lejeune Feasibility Assessment Presentation

            An Assessment of the Feasibility of Conducting Future Epidemiological Studies at USMC Base Camp Lejeune- Frank Bove & Perri Ruckart- 23 Jun 2008

            1997 ATSDR Public Health Assessment Appendix


            Deposition of Ethel Melts (ABC)- 12 April 2001
            Deposition of Victor Melts (ABC)- 12 April 2001


            Groundwater Conditions at Camp Lejeune, NC by Harry E. Legrand- 14 Nov 1958
            Map- Tarawa Terrace & Hadnot Point                               Cropped Version
            Map- Tarawa Terrace II, Camp Geiger & Montford Point     Cropped Version
            Map- Onslow Beach & Courthouse Bay                           Cropped Version
            Map- Rifle Range                                                           Cropped Version         



            Drinking Water Distribution System Inventory & Sampling Study by Avolis- 2 Nov 1995
                        Appendix D, Volume 1 of 6
                        Appendix D, Volume 2 of 6   
                        Appendix D, Volume 3 of 6
                        Appendix D, Volume 4 of 6
                        Appendix D, Volume 5 of 6
                        Appendix D, Volume 6 of 6

            Camp Lejeune Survey Control Data
            Characterization Step Report for Hadnot Point Industrial Area- Nov 1987
            Letter to Morris Maslia (ATSDR) from Scott Brewer, USMC with enclosures- 29 Sept 2005
            Retardation of VOCs in Ground Water in Low Organic Carbon Sediments by Frederic Hoffman- April 1995
            Application of Transition Probability Geostatistics for Indicator Simulations Involving the MODFLOW Model by Justin R. Walker- March 2002
            NACIP 1st Phase Data
            North Carolina Vital Statistics Data Files by DEHNR- Oct 1993
            Occupational Exposure Assessment in Metal Degreasing & Dry Cleaning- Influences of Technology Innovation & Legislation (dissertation) by Julia Henriette Maria von Grote- 2003
            MCB Lejeune & MCAS New River Water Conservation Analysis by ECG- Dec 1999


             NC Water Supply Plan- Jan 2001
                        Appendix A- River Basin Index for Local Water Supply Plan Systems
                        Appendix B- Supplemental Information from 1997 Local Water Supply Plans
            Basin 1 Broad River
            Basin 2 Cape Fear
            Basin 3 Catawba
            Basin 4 Chowan
            Basin 5 French Broad
            Basin 6 Hiwassee River
            Basin 7 Little Tennessee
            Basin 9 Lumber
            Basin 10 Neuse
            Basin 11 New River
            Basin 12 Albemarle Sound
            Basin 14 Roanoke 
            Basin 15 Tar-Pamlico
            Basin 16 Watauga
            Basin 17 White Oak
            Basin 18 Yadkin- Pee Dee


NC Administrative Code, Title 15A Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources, Subchapter 18C, Water Supplies, Sections .0100 through .2100- Updated April 2003

                        Section .0900- Distribution Systems
                        Section .1000- Disinfection of Water Supply Systems
                        Section .1400 Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies
                        Section .1500- Water Quality Standards


             Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Investigation Report- Nov 1998


            Summary Report: A Groundwater Investigation to Define the Source(s) of Tetrachloroethylene That Have Contaminated Three Community Water Supply Wells at Tarawa Terrace I- CLW 4826 through CLW 4848
            Safe Disposal of Contaminants or Hazardous Waste-(CLW 5996-5998)
            Camp Lejeune Complex Master Plan & Capital Improvements Plan Update Letter from Commandant (USMC) to Lejeune Commanding General- 8 April 1988
            Master Plan, Camp Lejeune Complex, North Carolina by ADNFEC
            Plant Account Facilities Inventory Listing of Buildings & Structures- 30 June 1990
            Final Report- Wellhead Protection Plan- 2002 Update- Aug 2002
            Final Site Management Plan Fiscal Year 2006 by CH2MHILL for DoN- May 2006
                    Figure 3-1
                    Figures 3-2 through 3-10
                    Figures 3-11 through 3-19
                    Figures 3-20 through 3-33


            Final Basewide Remediation Assessment Groundwater Study (BRAGS), CTO 0140 for DoN by Baker- 20 April 1998
IRP Operable Units and Site Location, BRAGS, CTO-0140, Figure 1-1 by Baker


            Report of Investigation of Water System- 29 Jan 1985


            Methodology for Assessment of Contamination of the Unsaturated Zone by Leaking Underground Storage Tanks- Nov 1998
            Modeling Organic Contaminant Soprtion Impacts on Acquifer Restoration- July 1989


            Drinking Water Fact-Finding Panel for Camp Lejeune: Report to the Commandant, U.S.M.C.- 6 Oct 2004


            Technical Protocol for Evaluating Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents in Ground Water- Sept 1998
            Record of Decision : ABC One Hour Cleaners- 26 Jan 1993
            Record of Decision : ABC One Hour Cleaners- 06 Sept 1994
            Guiding Principles for Monte Carlo Analysis- March 1997


            Water Resources Investigations Report 89-4096 Plate 1 
            Raw Water Treated (various locations aboard MCB Camp Lejeune)
            Water Use Data Camp Lejeune 1987- Feb 1989
            Assessment of Hydrologic & Hydrogeologic Date at Camp Lejeune MCB, NC- 1989
            Hydrogeologic Framework of U.S. MCB at Camp Lejeune, NC- 1993

NACIP Program Management Plan

Wallace Eakes Trip Report March 1982

Letter regarding Final Draft Initial Assessment Study from Commanding General to Wallace Eakes- April 1983

BUMED Instructions 6240.3A- Subject: Standards for Potable Water- 24 Dec. 1959

BUMED Instructions 6240.3B- Subject: Standards for Potable Water- 30 Sept. 1963

H.R.1585: FY 2008 National Defense Authorization Act 


Estimated Finished Water Concentrations*

USGS Open-File Report 2006-1338:  Description, Properties, and Degradation of Selected Volatile Organic Compounds Detected in Ground Water—A Review of Selected Literature”

Association between clinical symptoms and lymphocyte abnormalities in a population with chronic domestic exposure to industrial solvent-contaminated domestic water supply and a high incidence of leukaemia

ATSDR Response to the Report of the Camp Lejeune Scientific Advisory Panel Held February 17-18, 2005

Panel Submits Findings, Offers Recommendations, On 1980s Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune 

Report to the United States Marine Corps From The Drinking Water Fact-Finding Panel for Camp Lejeune

Document Packet- This is a very large file, which is why it is divided into 5 sections. These are documents you can give to different media venues, politicians etc. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this packet. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to download it for free.

Section 1- Document Packet

Section 2- Document Packet

Section 3- Document Packet

Section 4- Document Packet

Section 5- Document Packet

Symposium on New Scientific Research Related to the Health Effects Trichloroethylene- February 26-27, 2004, Washington,D.C.

Fact vs. Fiction:Responsibility for Funding Study 

"Official" Answer to MTBE's in Gas

Notice to Residents of Tarawa Terrace- Page 1  Page 2

E-mails Concerning the movie/book A Civil Action (CLW 2996, 2997, 3003)

Camp Lejeune Restoration Advisory Board- Meeting Minutes

Survey Delay Page 1  Page 2

Ticking Bomb Page 1  Page 2

ABC ABC One-Hour Cleaners
ADNFEC Atlantic Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command (Norfolk, VA)
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
Avolis Avolis Engineering, P.A.
Baker Baker Environmental
CTO Contract Task Order
DEHNR Department of Environment, Health & Natural Resources
DoD Department of Defense
DoJ Department of Justice
DoN Department of the Navy
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
HQMC Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps
JTC JTC Environmental Consultants
MCB Marine Corps Base
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
NACIP Navy & Assessment Control of Installation Pollutants
NCDENR North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources
NCDHR North Carolina Department of Human Resources
UNC University of North Carolina
USGS United States Geological Survey
USMC United States Marine Corps
VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds
Weston Weston Solutions