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We will only display your username, illness information and when and where you were living on base on the site. Everything else provided will remain confidential. 

To view the Illness Registry, please click 'View Illness Registry' to your left.

This information will be added to the site immediately.

We do not prohibit contact between people who use our site or any other site who is trying to help with the Camp Lejeune situation. If there is someone on the registry you would like to contact, please use our discussion board or email us and we will put you in contact with them (as long as the other party agrees.) The only reason we will not be posting email addresses on this registry is because we don't want spammers to have access to your email address. Your username for the discussion forum will be the same name you submitted here. We will send you a password when we process this request. We suggest that you change your password to something unique to you. You are more than welcome to post your email address in our Discussion Forum if you so wish or as previously stated, we will put you in contact with the person you would like to speak with. We love the idea of people networking. Also, if you would like to send in photos of your and your family's time at Lejeune, please feel free to do so by emailing them to tftptf@aol.com. Please use subject line of TFTPTF Photo Gallery. We will include them in our Photo Gallery. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We list the information below under your site user name.

Please consider going to the Links section of the tftptf home-page and going to the link there which is a website maintained by "Dan1971" (a tftptf member) to collect illness data and use it in statistical analyses to help find additional Illness Clusters in the Camp Lejeune population from the period of interest on the Base.

Please click here to enter your registry information.

Please click here to edit your registry information.

Please click here to see all new registry data.

Or click one of the pages to the left to view that page of data.

You may update your illness information so long as you enter a password during your registration process.

Those who do not enter a password will not have the ability to update their illness information.